“Hempin Aint Easy”

Hemp Ale
Brewed with Canadian hemp seeds, Wheat, Pilsner malt and Motueka hops. This beer is a light, balanced, refreshing and crisp – comparable to a pilsner.

The Dank

Imperial IPA
A modest malt bill of American 2-Row and Carafoam lay the groundwork and let our dank-est choice hops of Simcoe, Columbus, and Citra shine through this dangerously smooth double IPA!

Chocolate Truffle Stout

American Stout
An American stout made with a ridiculous amount of chocolate malt. Decadent, dry and delicious!

Ashevegas Pale Ale

American Pale Ale
Crisp and clean with a mild herbaceous spice. A highly refreshing ale perfect for easy sipping! Brewed with Green Bullet from New Zealand.

520 Pale Ale

Hoppy Pale Ale
Named after the address of our second location opening soon at 520 Haywood Road in West Asheville. This dry-hopped ale with Simcoe, Mosaic, and Azacca hops and a modest malt bill of Wheat, Pilsner, & Oats allows notes of tropical fruit, pineapple, and ripe mango to shine throughout.

Baby James

New England Style Pale Ale
This double dry hopped ale was brewed for our good friends at Happy Hens and Highlands (where our spent grain goes) and their newest addition to their herd, Baby James! He had some health issues at first and was forced to stay in the house with the dogs and now believes he is one and just wants to chase cats all day! We crafted an ale that resembles his golden color and paired it with Chinook & Citra to create a juicy, grassy, and citrus aroma with a complex malt bill of Pilsner, Vienna, Munich, Oats, and a touch of Rye.

Smooth Flocculator

Juicy IPA
Triple dry-hopped IPA made solely with the hop that needs no introduction…Citra. It’s definitely one of our favorites due to its intense aromas of grapefruit, passion fruit, and lychee. Pair that with our malt base of American 2-Row, Oats, and Wheat and you have one juicy, hazed out flavor explosion going on upon the first sip!

3 Mountains

Sour Ale
Brewed and fermented on hand harvested Rwandan Green Tea lending hints of peach and a unique earthiness. Paired w/ Mosaic & Motueka hops along w/ our souring culture, this makes for one rare and extraordinary experience!

Arthur Brown

American Brown Ale
Named after our brewers’ sweet and lovable brown Pitbull, this mildly sweet, slightly bitter ale was brewed with organic brown sugar, cinnamon, and vanilla bean to create a seasonally appropriate treat for hop lovers and dark beer fans alike!