Awesome Beer in Uncertain Times

The current global situation may be a real s**t-show, but we’re not going to let it stop us from being positive and spreading the love. In fact, that’s exactly what we all need to do. Don’t panic, stay organic, keep Asheville weird and spread the love.

Frankly, all these new changes are kind of frightening. But we are best served when we don’t make choices out of fear. The only thing that can combat this present darkness of ignorance is the light of unconditional love and respect. …Asheville style.

People may come to Asheville for the awesome beer, the exquisite food and the ancient rolling hills, but they come back because of the people. They come back because all the fine, freaky Asheville locals are kind, courteous, helpful, generous, hard(ly)-working and full of good times and laughs. They are what makes Asheville a destination spot. Asheville’s definitely got the Love. That’s for sure! Let’s take that love and spread it all around. We’ll send you home, wherever you’re from, with some good old down home Asheville love. Just continue to be awesome and you will help change the world for the better.

So, Asheville, let’s pour some beer, spread some cheer and keep on being Ashevillains! Grow organic food and share it with your neighbors. Participate in community events. VOTE! Get involved and shine your light. Sign petitions to stop fracking, coal ash dumping, nuclear waste disposal, etc. in our mountains. Is it the end of the world? …It may be up to you! Check out our friends and see if anyone grabs your attention and moves you to act.

We only have one world… We must be stewards not conquerors, collaborators not instigators.