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Alma Russ and Bryson Evans

May 11, 2023 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Bryson Evans and Alma Russ

Bryson Evans and Alma Russ are a singer-songwriter duo playing edgy, raw, acoustic country roots music. With fiddle, guitar, and sometimes a banjo backing heartfelt lyrics and sincere vocals, they’re a couple of blue collar artists from opposite sides of the country. Bryson is a carpenter/guitar slinger hailing from rural Washington state. He has proven himself as a singer and songwriter, painting pictures through lyrics, delivering them with heart and grit, and playing for folks across the region. Furthermore, when she’s not living on the road, Alma lives in the hills of North Carolina. She plays “patchwork music”: country, folk, and Appalachian styles sewn together to make something unique. They met through a mutual friend in Texas who said they’d have fun playing together, and they did, so here they are, playing songs for whoever will listen.

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