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Asheville Winter Bluegrass hosted by Songs From The Road Band wsg. The Wilson Springs Hotel

December 16, 2023 4:00 pm - 11:00 pm

AVL Winter Bluegrass


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Songs From The Road Band

Songs From The Road Band is an Asheville, North Carolina based bluegrass supergroup featuring Mark Schimick (mandolin), Charles Humphrey III (bass), Sam Wharton (guitar), James Schlender (fiddle), and Gabe Epstein (banjo). The band takes flight with virtuosic picking, singing, and grammy award winning songwriting. Several of their most recent singles have gone to the top of the Bluegrass Today Grassicana chart. They have 6 studio albums available at all musical outlets.
“The Western North Carolina quintet is this band of melodic pirates, roaring down the highways and backroads of Southern Appalachia in search of a stage to play, perhaps another kindred spirit to collaborate with in the sacred art of songwriting and creating something (beautiful and permanent) from nothing (thin air and momentary inspiration).”- GARRET K. WOODWARD, Smoky Mountain News (Nov 24, 2021)

The Wilson Springs Hotel

The Wilson Springs Hotel are rooted in folk music and hail from all parts of Virginia.

“The Wilson Springs Hotel are currently on tour with their second album “Old Thoughts & Memories”. It’s a collection of original songs that take you through a variety of influences; through slow & somber crooner country, to rippin’ honky tonk, to hard hitting folk influenced rock, thru almost psych-rock like guitar tones and back again, all while maintaining that watermark-like sonic fingerprint great bands possess. Their live show is not one to miss.”


Sabora Food Truck OPEN during the show!

Following the Outdoor Show (weather permitting) there will be a Super Bluegrass Jam in the taproom.