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Bring Out Yer Dead

September 9, 2023 9:00 pm - 12:00 am

Bring Out Yer Dead


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“Bring Out Yer Dead” is a Raleigh, North Carolina-based tribute band recreating the Grateful Dead’s iconic live concerts with unparalleled authenticity. Formed in 2019 in the state capitol of Raleigh, the band comprises some of the area’s most talented musicians dedicated to channeling the spirit of the Dead’s live performances.

One key element that sets Bring Out Yer Dead apart from other tribute bands is their attention to detail. The band not only replicates the Dead’s music with precision but also goes to great lengths to recreate the concert experience, using similar equipment and stage setup as the original band. Every aspect of the band’s live shows, from the instruments to the stage lighting, is designed to recreate the Grateful Dead live experience.

Leading the band’s vocal duties are Kirk Farmer and Brant Kay. Kirk’s vocals and guitar playing channel Jerry Garcia, while Brant adds his stunning keyboard skills to the mix and delivers incredible vocal performances. Jonas Mac expertly handles the rhythm guitar in the style of Bob Weir and adds an extra layer of authenticity to the band’s performances. The rhythm section is composed of Sean Geist on bass, Seth Blanchard and Logan Wilkins on drums. They provide the driving beat and energy that was the hallmark of the Grateful Dead’s music and make the concert experience even more immersive. Their musicianship is impeccable, and they play with the same passion and energy that the Dead brought to the stage.

With a setlist that spans the Grateful Dead’s extensive catalog, Bring Out Yer Dead’s live shows are an experience not to be missed. Whether you’re a die-hard Deadhead or a newcomer to their music, the band’s performances will transport you back in time, leaving you dancing in the streets and singing along to every song. This is a band that truly captures the essence of the Grateful Dead, and their live shows are unforgettable experiences.

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