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Honoring Black History Month & Celebrating African Culture w/ Zondo

February 15 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm


Join us on Thursdays in February at One World Brewing West, where the pulse of African culture beats in honor of Black History Month. Curated by the visionary ZONDO, these nights will sing with the soulful cadence of Bob Dylan’s truths and the passionate vibrato of Nina Simone’s cries for justice.

Embark on a sensory voyage through rhythm and time with music that echoes the struggles and the triumphs of African people. Listen to storytellers weave tales as old as the mountains, yet as fresh as the morning dew, and spoken word by artists who sculpt the air with words that reach the heart’s Truth.

Each week, behold the stage as it transforms with special guest performers who bring their unique light, igniting the room with their artistry and spirit. We invite you to be part of a tapestry that celebrates the richness of African culture, the depth of history, and the power of unity!

February 1st 7-10pm

Stay tuned for special guests announced the following weeks!
February 8th 7-10pm
February 15th 7-10pm
February 22nd 9pm-12am

About Zondo:
Experience the magnanimous musical journey of Zondo, hailing from Liberia, West Africa. After having endured war for 13 years, he emerged a musician who bridges worlds and inspires positive change. With his guitar and voice, Zondo juxtaposes traditional Liberian roots with American folk & pop, creating music that our hearts understand. Born from struggle, his songs heal, unite, and ignite our spirits, empowering us to resonate with Truth & love amidst adversity. His work as a musican is dedicated to restorative justice, peace, and the liberation of all peoples. As his fellow Africans have said it: Ubuntu! I am because we are.

Find out more at: www.Zondo.Love

Donate to the completion of Zondo’s all-original debut album:

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