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Freeway Jubilee Duo

May 13, 2023 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Freeway Jubilee Duo

The music and soundscape is built around the songwriting and blood harmonies of twin brothers Adam and Jonathon Clayton Both brothers have been involved in the local music scene as well as various projects over the years. The Freeway Jubilee Duo is the way of finding our voices again and putting something together fresh. Our sound takes a unique approach of looking back, but also looking ahead to create a sound with its own fingerprint. The Clayton twins take a multi instrumental approach to their live shows. The ability to fluidly switch instruments, as well as singers adds an interesting depth and dynamic to the live sound and show. The group’s sounds blends Rock, Jazz, Gospel, Country and Bluegrass with acoustic and electric instruments which really helps set off their unique and close vocal harmonies. Instrumental prowess is an important aspect of performing and so is writing great original songs that are catchy and relatable. Releasing songs with a message or lesson about life is an important aspect and is always in the forefront of any new material or idea. Looking ahead and progressing as musicians has become the new normal as we continue to push ourselves to bring our best as artists and as local folks in the community.

The Freeway Jubilee Duo is:

Adam Clayton: Piano, Vocals, Drums Hammond B3

Jonathan Clayton: Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Steel Guitar, Vocals, Drums

This show will be part of our Local Makers Market Sat May 13th. Market goes from 2-7PM.