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Screaming Js~ Don’t Fear No BooGie

August 14, 2021 5:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Screaming J's-Don't Fear no BooGie

$15 entry, 21+

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Join us for J’s Boogie at One World Brewing West On 8/14.

Don’t fear the BooGie, cuz really we’re all just stardust and light.

Their very own lovalutionary kind of ‘Boogie’ woogie piano music will surely brighten your spirits & move you, as Screaming Js hold nothing back with their wild and zany performances.
The Screaming Js hail out of the mountains of Western Carolina, where their influences range from New Orleans honky-tonk to prohibition jazz & not-so-traditionals, to rock’n blues & ragtime. Found somewhere in-between a trance-dance animal-house barn party and an Americana trio on a transpersonal revelational psychedelic “trip”, you won’t be disappointed with the infectious energy that is a Screaming Js performance!

$15 entry, 21+