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Spaceman Jones and the Motherships, SK The Novelist, Colston

July 27 8:30 pm - 12:00 am

Spaceman Jones

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Your favorite underground hip hop artists are taking the stage… Spaceman Jones and the Motherships, SK The Novelist, and Colston. Check out real Hip-Hop!

Spaceman Jones and The Motherships is a hip-hop duo from Asheville, NC, featuring MC Spaceman Jones (Davaion Bristol) and producer/singer Mother HOOD (Cliff B. Worsham). Bristol co-owns a record label, the Happy Belly food truck, and Urban Combat Wrestling. Worsham, who also released the folk album “The Cove Ghost,” is a versatile artist with deep musical roots.


Since 2017, the duo has released eight projects, blending Southern sensibilities with Golden Age hip-hop influences. They are known for addressing social issues and have gained a dedicated local following. They’ve shared the stage with hip-hop legends like Rakim, Styles P, Big Boi, Kool Keith, Devin the Dude, and more​ (The Blue Banner)​​ (ASHEVILLE GRIT)​​ (Dig Local)​.

Sk the Novelist:
An open book, for better or for worse, is a “bird’s eye view” hot take to describe Asheville-native rapper Sk the Novelist.
Since breaking into the independent Hip-Hop scene in 2014, years of projects, singles, and regional collaborations have led Sk to the music and stage character you hear today. Blending the line between vainglorious and vulnerable, mainstream and underground, he’s carved out a sound which, most notably in his 2019 full-length release Baggage, creates a curious in-between that keeps listeners on a spectrum of what exactly to expect from a Hip-Hop project. Finding inspiration from the traditional sounds of early Nas, Jay-Z, and MF Doom records, there’s always been a foundation of boom-bap in his approach, with the off-kilter stylings of 90’s sitcoms like The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Seinfeld added a bit of “punchline spice.” But in recent years, the production has expanded to incorporate wavy trap drums and more modern touches like autotune (cited source: The Carter 3), creating a balanced medium you can find in Sk’s catalog.
The rollout for the upcoming “Baggage 2” builds on the original magic of its predecessor, providing listeners with an enhanced view of where life is currently at for Sk the Novelist.
Bryan Colston made his musical debut in 2009 with his best friend, as the hip hop duo “Crazyhorse And Colston”.   Together they created an award winning album, “Backroads and Bonfires”, as well as two award winning music videos.  Since then Colston has released two all original solo albums, as well as a mixtape, each of which were instant Asheville classics.  He shows a lot of versatility with his deep lyrics matched with unique instrument driven hip hop beats.    He is most known for his ability to share some of the hard to talk about parts of life while maintaining a perspective the listener can relate to.  Colston has opened up for Mobb Deep, Nappy Roots, Warren G,  Rass Kass, Akil the MC, Black Milk, Rapper Big Pooh, Blackalicious, Copywrite and many more notable artists.  Currently he is working on new material with plans to release new material early 2025.