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Sunday Jazz Jam Brunch

January 24, 2021 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Sunday Jazz Jam Brunch Image

Jazz Jam-the longest running weekly musical event at One World Brewing hosted by Jason DeCristofaro, Connor Law, and Ray Ring.  Event features a set house band set followed by jazz jam with the following guidelines.

There will be 8 slots available, as listed below. Below that, you will see the rules for participating in the jam. If you are interested in participating, please private message, text or call me (828)273-8254.
8 Slots for Sunday November 8:
Vocalist 1 (open):
Vocalist 2 (open):
Pianist (open):
Bassist (open):
Guitarist (open):
Drummer/Percussionist (open):
Wind/Brass Player (open):
Wild Card – violin, vibes, harmonica, theremin, oboe, etc. (open):
Jam Rules:
– Only 8 people can RSVP for the jam each week. There will be 2 slots for a vocalist, 1 slot for a wind/brass player, 1 slot for a pianist, 1 slot for a bassist, 1 slot for a guitarist, 1 slot for a drummer/percussionist, and 1 wild card slot.
– If you are going to sit in on a tune, you must KNOW the tune. This means you know, at a bare minimum, the changes and the form by memory if you want to sit in on it. This applies to everyone.
– There can only be a maximum of 5 people on stage at a time.
– Guitarists, pianists, bassists, drummers and any other instrumentalists who do not require air to produce sound MUST be 6 feet away from one another at all times when on stage.
– Wind players, brass players and vocalists MUST face away from the other musicians, and be a minimum of 12 feet away from the other musicians.
– NO FLUTE! I do not like this rule, as the flute is one of my favorite instruments. Unfortunately, the flute is the dirty bomb of the musical instrument world in regards to how it spreads aerosol particles.
– All musicians who are not wind players, brass players, or vocalists, MUST wear a mask at all times while on stage.
– All musicians who participate in the jam must thoroughly apply hand sanitizer before going on stage.
– All vocalists MUST bring their own microphone.
– All drummers MUST bring their own sticks/brushes/mallets, etc.
– You MUST private message, text or email me if you wish to participate. I will NOT COUNT ANY REPLIES TO THIS POST AS AN RSVP.
– Only people have RSVP’d ahead of time are allowed to participate in the jam. NO EXCEPTIONS…..If the ghost of Miles Davis shows up and wants to jam, but did not RSVP, he will not be allowed to play!
– Last, but not least: new rules may be added at any time, and current rules may change. COVID requires flexibility to maximize safety, so I and the venue reserve the right to change the rules surrounding the jam session and/or cancel the jam session at any time.