Our Story

One World Brewing is a husband and wife operation that simply began as a hobby. Jay’s love of beer led him to home-brewing and after ten years of experimentation and encouragement from friends and family they opened a brewery. Although Lisa and Jay came from opposite ends of the country they met in Asheville in 2006 and were married in 2012. Their great love for Asheville and it’s eclectic and diverse community inspired the idea of One World where all people can feel welcome to relax and practice the art of drinking beer and spreading cheer. With a homey and cozy vibe to their windowless underground taproom, the space is designed to foster interaction and good times.

We are blessed to employ a Rock Star Team. The bartenders, the brewers, staff and management, we are all like family. We truly enjoy our time together and and love doing what we do. Check these goofballs out!

Our Staff