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One World Brewing & Community

Every month One World Brewing has a selected monthly fundraiser beer where proceeds donate directly to local and regional benefits!

May 2024 Monthly Benefit

This month we are excited to partner with Southside Community Farm!

Southside Community Farm (SCF) is an urban food space in the historically Black Southside neighborhood of Asheville, North Carolina, which exists on stolen Cherokee land. Since 2014, SCF has been a BIPOC-centered space for neighborhood residents to enjoy healthy food and to connect with nature and each other, which is especially important in a neighborhood that includes four low-income public housing developments (Erskine, Walton Street, Livingston Heights, and Bartlett Arms) and which lacks basic access to fresh food. Our passion is building neighborhood food sovereignty through food distribution, environmental education, racial justice, and connection with the land. We also act as a hub of knowledge and community for people of color beyond the neighborhood limits who seek connection with land and each other. On our 0.75 acre urban farm, we grow a variety of vegetables, fruits, and herbal medicines using organic practices and sustainable agriculture techniques based in traditional African and Indigenous knowledge. We believe in growing food that’s good for people and our planet.


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