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An Acoustic Holiday Benefit for BeLoved Asheville

December 12, 2021 5:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Acosutic Holiday

As part of our monthly benefit for BeLoved Asheville in December we are hosting An Acoustic Holiday featuring acoustic music from some of Asheville’s best female musicians including our host Melissa McKinney, Kayla Lynn, Kathryn O-Shea, Jesse Berry, Nicole Nicolopoulos, and Laura Boswell. There will be lots of other special guests as well coming through.

All door fee proceeds ($5) and other donations will go to Beloved. We will be collecting items like tents, sleeping bags, and TOYS for the homeless community of Asheville. We will also honor Amy Cantrell and her team at Beloved Asheville for all that they do everyday for our Asheville community. They GIVE like it’s Christmas every day.   Please join us as we celebrate them