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Freeway Jubilee & Medicated Sunfish

June 11, 2021 6:00 pm - 11:59 pm

Freeway 1

Freeway/Medicated Sunfish

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The Freeway Jubilee brings their gospel-tinged rock and roll, funky goodness and mountain music vibes to the good people of Asheville at one of our favorite venues.

Freeway rocks the outdoor show from 6-9:30pm
Indoor after party kicks off from 9:30 to midnight with our friends from Wilmington, the epic power trio

Medicated Sunfish:
Growing directly from their musical influences–the syncopated ska rhythms of Sublime and the pure energy and passion of Rage Against The Machine. While these influences are out front and obvious, their ability to play with both precision and deep-pocketed groove keeps their sound genuine and honest. When some bands are constantly reaching for the sound of their influences, Medicated Sunfish nails it from the start and uses it as a starting point for their creativity.