May Collaboration For June Celebration

Last month One World Brewing helped conjure up a 3-way collaboration brew with Sanctuary BrewingCo. in Hendersonville and Habitat Brewing Co., located in the rear of the Moog building in DowntownAsheville. We decided on a super juicy Brett IPA and we’re calling it “Three’s Company.” It’s got an ABVof 7% and is light on the IBU’s to showcase the splendid aromas and complex flavors of the Columbus,Mosaic, Amarillo and the newly developed Galaxy hops, which we also used for a very generous dryhopping. Our choice for yeast was the infamous Brettanomyces Claussenii, which was previouslythought to be a bacterium but has recently been promoted to full yeast status. It imparts very littlesourness and the perfect type of funk that really brings out the grapefruit, pineapple juiciness of thehops.
Three’s Company Brett IPA was brewed at Sanctuary because they have twice the size of our brewing capacity and 3 times the size of Habitat’s, who has taken over our title as the Smallest Brewery in Asheville. One World is going to use this collaboration IPA to raise $1 of support per pint for our local Habitat for Humanity by including it in the Asheville Brewer’s Alliance collaboration: “The House That Beer Built.” So, this may be Asheville’s first Collaboration within a Collaboration.