At One World Brewing, our goal is to provide the highest quality craft ales and a comfortable space where all are welcome to relax, enjoy their time, and experience Asheville culture any night of the week. We only have one world. We must learn to share it and care for it for the sake of future generations and all life. We are honored and proud to be a part of the global craft Beer Revolution, and the thriving Asheville brewing community.

We Have A 1.5
Barrel System

with 20 fermentation vessels
in constant rotation

There Are 10 Taps
At The Ale House

which feature 6 of our flagships
and rotate dozens of seasonal beers annually

A Large Variety Of
Different Beer Styles

from around the world, including
local home brewer recipes.

Welcome To

One World Brewing

We are located at 10 Patton Avenue
in downtown Asheville beneath Farm Burger
( entrance down the alley )


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Mixed Culture: A Monthly Dance Party

March 25, 2017|admin

Once a month we turn down the lights, turn up the volume, and dance underground underneath our disco ball! Mixed Culture takes place on the first Friday of every month and is always free for everyone. The music is always different but the vibe remains the same: Forget your weekly woes, leave negativity at the […]

Two Hands Project

January 20, 2017|admin

The question of why we called our brewery One World Brewing is quite common. The name was inspired by the idea of “One Love”, pointing to the interconnectedness of us all. At this time in the world when there is so much chaos and uncertainty on so many levels it is even more important for […]

Awesome Beer in Uncertain Times

January 19, 2017|admin

The current global situation may be a real s**t-show, but we’re not going to let it stop us from being positive and spreading the love. In fact, that’s exactly what we all need to do. Don’t panic, stay organic, keep Asheville weird and spread the love.

Ancient Ales to Modern Hybrids

January 18, 2017|admin

Ever wonder why you love beer so much? Well, we humans have been drinking beer for at least five thousand years. Some evidence suggests it may be more like twenty thousand years, according to Dr. Patrick McGovern, an archaeologist and professor at the University of Pennsylvania, who specializes in ancient fermentation.

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